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natural layering concept

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keyboard_arrow_rightThe Natural Layering Concept

The concept was introduced in 1995 by Prof. Dr. D. Dietschi and published for the first time in 1997. It is based on the idea of approaching nature as closely as possible, using a simplified and more reliable layering approach with only two layers (dentin & enamel) to perfectly mimic the tooth structure and appearance. The inspiro Direct Esthetic Line represents the latest development in the application of the Natural Layering Concept, with improved optical properties and a more comprehensive, logical choice of color and material consistencies. It is a simple and predictable system to reach unrivalled esthetic integration and restoration quality!

keyboard_arrow_rightRestorative shade assortment

The inspiro direct system offers a more rational selection of dentin (body) & enamel (skin) shades, following the well established “Natural Layering Concept” (Dietschi et al, 2000; Dietschi et al, 2006). The build-up technique is then made as easy as it can be, following the references of natural anatomy (dentin and enamel position and thickness) which greatly simplifies the clinical application of inspiro and makes it uniquely reliable in regards to the final esthetic outcome. The dedicated, special “DUAL” shade guide will also contribute to optimize color selection and restoration optical integration.

Body shades (dentins) are provided in 6 chroma levels (intensity 0 to 5) Skin shades (enamels) are provided in 5 different tints to cover all variations of enamel appearance (Bleach / White / Neutral / Ivory / Transparent)

keyboard_arrow_rightFlowable shade assortment

The inspiro direct system has a full range of flowable body and skin shades which are totally correlated to the restorative material; in this way, whatever the clinical application is (i.e.: lining or filling), the use of flowable masses will naturally blend in with the surrounding tooth structure or restoration. The shade guide can serve for color selection like for the restorative material, which is one more key advantage of this system.

Flowable Body shades (dentins) are provided in 8 chroma levels (intensity 1 to 7) Flowable Skin shades (enamels) are provided in 3 widely used tints (Bleach/White/Neutral)

keyboard_arrow_rightEffect shades

The inspiro direct system offers a set of 5 effect shades which are used for polychromatic restorations (i.e.: intensive blue halo effect at the tooth incisal edge, areas of higher chroma such as dentin mammelons, white spots, dentin sclerosis, etc…), as masking shades (opaquers) or for the occlusal charaterisation of posterior restorations. The inspiro direct has no other limit than your own creativity…

keyboard_arrow_rightShade guide

The dedicated and special inspiro shade guide allows a precise and reliable color evaluation. It is manufactured with the inspiro composite and has been developed as an integrant tool of the “Natural Layering Concept”, involving 2 distinctive restorative layers (body & skin). It has smaller dentin/body samples which can be inserted into enamel/skin samples to demonstrate any 2-LAYER combination. The selection of the dentin shade starts in the cervical part of the teeth, where the enamel thickness is minimal and does minimally interfere with the evaluation process. On the contrary, the selection of enamel/skin is to be made visually (without using the skin samples) where mere enamel can be observed, namely in the incisal or proximal areas. Then, both samples can be joined to confirm any specific body and skin combination; it is however recommended to use glycerin in-between both composite samples for more accurate shade selection process.

Basic correspondance between VITA® & inspiro Shades