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Excellence is in the simplicity

Edelweiss DR is introducing a new level in direct esthetic restorations with the Esthetic Line inspiro®, developed under the guidance of Dr. Didier DIETSCHI. This material expands the possibilities in free-hand bonding techniques following the well established "NATURAL LAYERING CONCEPT" leading to uncompromised aesthetic and functional results thanks to new, improved nano-hybrid technology combining surface smoothness and mechanical strength... Try and convince yourself!


Reliable and predictable results

Mimic the tooth natural structure and appearance

Only two easy and fast steps

Truly universal system

Help you to save time and money


Discover our Inspiro Cases Gallery

Form Corrections

Enhancement of teeth forms in a young patient following orthodontic treatment; in this case the selection of a minimally invasive technique was mandated by the perfectly healthy dentition.

Inspiro Choice
Body Shade: None
Skin Shade: White
Effect Shade: None